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Teaching Team



Aly classes are mainly influenced by her experiences through her teachers, her students and mostly through her love for the practice! Aly started her teaching journey in India Rishikesh Yoga Peeth where she got her 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training. The teachings and wisdom of her Guru’s back in India resonates through her passion of Yoga to help her students with the stresses and anxiety of day to day life. 


Aly believes in the process and journey of life rather than the destination or achieving an enlightened state, at least at first. Instead, it’s about experimenting with gathering your attention and focus. Finding your natural state and natural self through the practice. Coming back to feeling into the postures rather than thinking about how it should look like. Sometimes before we can move forward and onward, the very thing we need is to just be. Let’s begin by being on the mat. 


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