Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the studio?

The nearest MRT station is Tai Seng Station (Circle Line). We are located at the BreadTalk IHQ which is across the road. Please exit from Exit B and cross the junction leading to the BreadTalk IHQ. The unit is #08-04.

Is there a carpark on the building?

Yes, carpark is available within the building and located at levels 3 and 4. Please enter by the Tai Seng Street.

What are the buses going to the studio?

Buses available are 62, 80, 43, 22, 58, 158, 90, 151, 70, 76, 93.

What attire do I have to wear for class?

Normal sports attire is fine.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yoga mats and props are provided. If you want to use your own mat, you may place your mat on top of ours.

Is towel provided?

Due to hygiene purposes, please bring your own towel for classes.

Do I have to wear shoes for classes?

Shoes are not allowed into the studio for all classes.

Can I have a meal before class?

Please do not consume a full meal 4 hours before the commencement of class.

Are there shower facilities and changing rooms in the studio?

There are changing rooms in the studio and there is shower facilities for the ladies at the washroom. However, there is no shower facilities for the men.

Are lockers provided?

Yes, lockers are provided.

What is the maximum number of student per class?

For yoga classes, the maximum number of students will be 30 per class.

Must I book for every single class?

Yes, class bookings are required for every class so that we can control class size.

How can I do my bookings?

Bookings can be done through the online booking system on the website at the Schedule page.

What happens if classes are full?

If classes are full, we will place you on waiting list and will inform you through SMS if there is available space. Please note that we can only notify you only on class day itself. We suggest you bring your attire with you on that day.

How long in advance do I need to cancel my bookings?

Please cancel bookings at least 4 hours in advance.