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Teaching Team


Moving back to Singapore from Australia in 2011, June yearns the tranquility, peace and self awareness from nature that Australia offered in abundance. What started out as just a form of exercise in 2012, June quickly found that Yoga gave her a similar sense of peace and connectedness that nature provided, albeit in a different way.


Yoga not only taught her physical strength but also strength and confidence within the self. Realising how much Yoga can help a person's overall wellbeing, she decided to get certified as a teacher so that she may share and continue on this path with others.


Trained by Dr. Venky's Yoga Institute (200 hour Yoga Alliance), her practice is very much based on Hatha. To her, alignment precedes the actual final pose to prevent injury, and firmly believes that once the ego is set aside, the rest will follow. She is also certified by Dr Jean Byrne & Michelle Papa in pre- & post- natal yoga as well as active birth yoga.


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