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Vanan's practice of yoga began at the tender age of 5, initiated by Yogi Bala, in the practice of Hatha yoga. At the age of 16, he was initiated in the path of Tantra yoga by Acharya Vimalnandaji. He was blessed with the knowledge of Tantra meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga asanas (yoga postures), yoga philosophy and psychology.

In his mid 20s, he became a disciple of a great yogi, Swami Shree Kalki Jothi. Swami Shree Kalki jothi initiated him in the path of Jothi (light)meditation and mantra (sound) meditation. Following which, he completed an internationally recognized teachers' training diploma in yoga. As a certified yoga instructor, he have taken up many major projects from gyms , yoga studios ,fitness clubs and personal training sessions at homes and club venues.

At present he is engaged in his own research in yogic science and is working towards producing a book on yoga.​


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