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Weekday Noontime Yoga

Weekday Noontime Yoga classes are currently unavailable.

Exercise may be all about moving the body, but the first step is to move your mind. Getting past your mental roadblocks can open the door for new ideas, new attitudes, and a renewed motivation to workout.

If you find yourself feeling lethargic mid-work day; sitting at your desk all morning. You might feel bloated and tired after lunch.

You know what can help? Squeezing in a yoga practice either pre-lunch or post-lunch. It increases mental clarity, it provides a great mini- workout and banishes bloat, it gives you positive, social time during the day, it helps beat the post-lunch sugar cravings, and it improves your mood.

Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday.

Please check the Schedule for the class details.

10 Sessions


Validity 2 Months

20 Sessions


Validity 4 Months

Terms and Conditions:

These packages are valid only for the weekday noontime classes.

Refunds will not be made once payment is received.

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