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Find the class that suits you.

This guide will help you pick the class that best suits you.

Yoga Group Practice


For those who are new to yoga or want a gentler practice.

Yoga Fundamentals

Suitable for all levels. Catering to the beginners. Each week this class studies a set of poses at slower pace. Learn proper alignment, where to focus effort and where to find release. Learn different options for each pose with yoga props. Not just for beginners, a strong yoga practice begins with sturdy fundamentals, this class can fine tune even an advanced practice.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a healing and therapeutic class that focuses on releasing tension and/or pain in specific areas of the body that arises from our habits and day to day activities. The class will focus on different part of the muscles such as neck, shoulder, back, hips and knees to improve range of motion, mobility and flexibility of the body. Breathing exercises will also be introduced to help bring mind to body connection and realign the imbalances. 


This class is great for individuals who wish to heal their body from past injuries or for those who experience anxieties and fatigue from the stresses of everyday life.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a calming, stress-relieving class to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis on building awareness of the breath and the body. Asanas are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and detail.

Hatha Beginners

This class will improve your strength and balance with beginner yoga poses, strengthen your foundation and calm your mind.


A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle back bends.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang is the combination of dynamic postures 'Yang' with a passive holding practice 'Yin'. The Yang part of class is focused on building strength and flexibility of the physical body. The Yin part of the class is focused more on a reflective mental practice via long stationary holds. The structure of the practice may differ from class to class. Suitable for all levels.


Twist yoga focuses on gentle rotation of the spine, giving you a good stretch to your back muscles and improve your spinal cord’s range of motion. Through the twisting action, it engages and lengthens all muscle groups, thereby keeping your spinal and its surrounding muscles healthy. You will feel more energized as the energy flow is improved. Twist yoga also aids in burning abdominal fats, aiding digestion and relieves lower back pain.


For those looking for classes that are mixed levels or have practiced yoga for some time.


A slow paced  class whereby postures are held for longer period of time. Helps to strengthen and target both the deep connective tissues between muscles and the fascia throughout the body.

Core Yoga

Core Yoga enhances the ability to control body position / posture. It also aids in improving back posture and alignment as well as supporting general rotational movements throughout the spine.


The Flow class is designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing, and focus on the breath awareness.

Yoga Stretch

A selection of yoga postures that focuses on stretching. A beneficial class for beginners and advance practitioners. 


A dynamic practice with longer holds. The class is focused on breath awareness and technique. Building up to a single peak or few peak poses. Arm balancing and inversions included. Suitable for students with some yoga practice and looking to refine their practice. Options will be given.

Aerial Basics

This class is designed to cover the basics of Aerial Yoga. Learning how to invert, fly, and flow, we will use the silk hammock to keep alignment, build strength in the body and improve flexibility. Appropriate for first time Aerial students as well as those who want to continue to learn or refine their basic Aerial practice.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow class integrates all aspects of a traditional Hatha yoga class - breath awareness, postures as well as sun salutations and some creative flowing sequences. Both dynamic and relaxing, you'll leave feeling refreshed, lighter and brighter after creating space in your body and mind.

Hatha Vinyasa

A fast paced series of postures or asanas that focuses on the flow between movements, rather than individual poses.

Aerial Stretch

This class focuses on yoga related stretches done with the Aerial silk hammock. It will feature minimal inversions and is perfect for those wanting a good stretch. Class is suitable for beginner to intermediate level practitioners.


TRX Suspension Training used your body weight and center of gravity to build functional strength, and improve balance and core stability. It is beneficial for people of every training level. The dynamic execise program integrates strength and balance, which make for faster results.


A great class to increase flexibility , strength and overall energy level.

Intermediate / Advanced

For those who have been practicing regularly and want a more dynamic practice.

Back Bend

Experience the energising and healing effects of backbends in this class that focuses on spinal mobility.


Release tensions in the chest, shoulders, upper back and hips, while strengthening the posterior chain to guide the body into back bends with greater ease. We will explore back bending postures and their variations for different levels of practice; allowing you to create space in the front body in a safe and effective way.


Vinyasa refers to "breathe-synchronized movements". Vinyasa classes are made up of a series of Sun-Salutation postures and includes challenging variations to different postures. Generally helps to promote body strength.


Upside - Down class is all about getting into inversions. There is a theoretical concept in yoga about why inversion postures help. Ayurveda considers that many of the body's impurities are in the lower abdomen. When we raise our feet above the head, gravity is assisting us to move these impurities towards what Ayurvedic system calls "Agni" or "Fire". Agni relates to our 'digestive fire' and is thus located above our lower abdomen. So, by being upside down and by using deep and slow breathing typical of yoga, we help 'burn off' the impurities that were previously stuck.

Yoga Conditioning / Strengthening

A blend of traditional yoga and dynamic strength training for increased fitness, agility, and body confidence.

Vinyasa Flow

This class keeps you moving! You'll flow continuously through strong sequences of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures, linking breath with movement and build strength and endurance as you push the edge of your balance and flexibility.

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